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Kuteks Gipe, founded in 1996; After long years of activity in the yarn sector, in 2009, the current name of KUTEKS GİPE ENERJİ SANAYİ VE TİCARET LTD. ŞTİ. It continues its commercial life by taking its name.

Kuteks Gipe, which continues its activities in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone; It produces coated (dc) and centered (ac) yarns with different features and flexibility, with different cross-sections in its 20.000 m2 open and 11.000 m2 closed facilities with the latest technology machine park. Annual product capacity is 300 tons on coated yarn basis.

With the knowledge and experience of being in this sector for many years, Kuteks Gipe; continues its rapid rise in the world and aims to contribute to the national economy with its new sectoral investments.

Increasing its product variety day by day, Kuteks Gipe; It has adopted the principle of always keeping the quality of the products produced and the services provided at the highest level. It continues to provide the best service to its customers by observing the developing and changing market conditions day by day.

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